I REVIEW is Indatwa n’Inkesha school media club. Indatwa n’Inkesha is a public school located in southern province, HUYE District, NGOMA sector, BUTARE Cell, kabutare village. in one kilometer from HUYE district office on the main road heading to GISAGARA district.

From its name I: stands for INDATWA, while REVIEW denotes customary review role of any media club.

I REVIEW was born at rondom.it has its own background quiete close to the history of our Long ago , the school used server, an old media club through which the learners were informed –servir begot I REVIEW after 2009 chairperson David RWABIGWI who intended to create a more complex media club .The request was not aimless at although still serious set backs still survive.

Actually in 2009 ,ENGLISH was promoted as new instructional language in Rwanda , instead French.

Such achange created innovation in people who were most interested in dealing with new and upto date communication skills that English presented.

SERVIR:The old Frenchbased routine was consequently losing the background.RWABIGWI DavidGilbert too,contented with such a change as  Englishhas so many other functions to play .

I-REVIEW: is more than a media club as it also provides entertaining facilities and has many publications.

I WEEK: is a weekly publication that reviews the week around the school. Almost all students and employees read it . It includes main information around a round the school that interests all of us.

I-REVIEW: doesn’t keep all its functions in written form only , but it also use an form to entertain students , this is I VOICE. Talented speakers present their shows attended by the majority of students at break time.

I-REVIEW: promotes general knowledge amongst students through savoir plus competitions .these competitions are sponsored by the school and RC HUYE; students are quizzed different questions selected from various fields , such as science ,religion ,literature, politics , history, geography , sports and others .

I REVIEW did not forget the rotation , the revolution or evolution of the earth . We did get our club on international network a.k.a the internet Thus was opened a blog: www.ireviewlive.blogspot.com to help us exchange information with the fans and other sites like YOUTUBE CHANNEL”I REVIEW MEDIA” to come soon where you will watch a lot concerning the entire school.

In addition there’s an up-to-date face book page on which all electronic publications are found namely , I WEEK , SCIE-TECH , BILLBOARD NEWS , We also every year award students best of the year # INDATWA AWARDS. Visit and like www.facebook.com/indatwareview#2020