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Born on October 20 ,1954 at Kiziguro in Ex- byumba province , Father Emmanuel KAYUMBA was raised by his father , Jean GATSINZI , both living an ordinary life. His mother , Margueritte MUTESI , took refuge in the republic of Uganda for years , and it is after 20 years that father Emmanuel had the chance to see her again.

KAYUMBA finished his secondary school studies at petit Seminaire ZAZA and started teaching at ecole primaire kiziguro, where he spent three years before going to Bukavu (south kivu ,democratic republic of congo ) for eleven years studies to become a brother. In 1991 , he became father after some years of studies and later became head Father of Cyahinda parish . there , he considerably scarified himself in numerous benevolent actions, delivering the region’s people from hunger, getting them out of troubles… After two years , he went to Nyumba. Note that during his two years at Cyahinda , he showed his constant love for the virgin Mary circulating her statue throughout the country .

In April 1994 , the bishop , him and his fellow priests got a refugee in Bukavu , where he stayed until the end of the genocide against the Tutsi. After the holocaust which cost his parents ‘ lives , he came back to his native Rwanda and became the headmaster at college Christ roi in Nyanza for one year . In 1995 , he became the first father and African headmaster of Groupe Scolaire official de Butare , where he really struggled for the development of he school in terms of sustainable education and the discipline of students . arriving in GSOB, he had to give himself over to a hard work and got to know the whole school as there were still some refugees camping around; he found the school in at total chaos : most of the material was seriously damaged . he did his best to have it rehabilitated and re ordered , and so the Rwandan eldest high school was set on its feet again .

During his life in GSOB , he was known as one of the most severe school headmasters. He had a wearing style , all his own and students would nickname him “ ingwe y’umweru” to mean “the white leopard”. In addition to being the father leading such a huge and well known high school with more than a thousands and three hundred students , and a big number of teachers and staff , he was a commissioner in the national unity and reconciliation commission since 2003 , where he played a tremendous role in reconciling and unifying Rwandas on behalf of the roman catholic church. Father Emmanuel was also involved in the management of and orphanage called ”la cite de la misercorde “ ( the mercy city ) which has headquarters in RUSIZI district , south western province since its creation , the mercy city has been expanded and can now be found in different places from across the country . the main part of the orphanage fund was provided by a certain Bernadette GATOIR , a Belgian sister. Father Emmanuel KAYUMBA was widely known as a generous person by people. He died on Tuesday February 10th ,2009 after being transferred to a Kenyan hospital. may he rest in peace.


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