Students from GSO Butare were awarded laptops in BNR quiz challenge.

During BNR quiz challenge organized by national bank of Rwanda BNR, four students from GSO Butare were awarded laptops, one of the students called Shema Moses told us how was the process:

When we were invited to participate in BNR quiz challenge we were first hesitant about it because we don’t study economics but we were told to worry not because all schools would be given the same document that covers briefly how the economy of Rwanda works.After receiving the document, we studied it carefully and asked our mentor for help whenever we needed it so we prepared as soon as possible after being told that it would take place on zoom by video conference.

Our team was composed by I Mucyo Moses, Mutsinzi Abel, Irakoze Leon de Pere and Manirahari Evode. The first school we faced was college saint Andre and we won, by then we were 17 schools in the challenge and only 8 schools would make it to quarter finals, luckily we made it as the 7th and after a week we started the quarter final and we were about to face the second team from Lycée Notre Dame de Cîteaux and we won again.

We were eight teams in the quarter finals, of course only four teams would make it to the semi-finals and we did we made it as 2nd team. The schools which reached semi-finals were GSO Butare, gashora girls school, college Christ roi and new vision high school.  We face Christ roi on the semi-finals as the quote says “success is a lousy teacher it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose “ by Bill gates , we lost to Christ roi. After losing to Christ roi on the semi-finals we learnt our failures to do and we are determined to win the next one.

But never the less, we were awarded laptops, certificates and medals for making it to semi-finals of BNR quiz challenge 2020 and we learnt important lesson of how the economy of Rwanda runs and the world in general making it our responsibilities to improve it for better tomorrow .

Mucyo Moses S6 PCB