Indatwa zasuye i Kibeho kwa Nyina wa Jambo


The Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare (GSOB), also known as the Indatwa n’Inkesha School, is a historic secondary school in Huye District in Butare, Rwanda. As well as being the oldest secondary school in the country, it is regarded as one of the most prestigious and successful public schools in Rwanda.

The school, originally known as the Groupe Scolaire d’Astrida, was established by the Brothers of Charity in 1929. It was intended to educate students who would form an élite to serve as chiefs and medical, agricultural, and veterinary assistants in the Belgian mandatory administration in Ruanda-Urundi. It took students, often the children of chiefs and other dignitaries, from both modern-day Rwanda and Burundi.



(Associate Nursing Program)


Biology – Chemistry – Geography 


Maths – Chemistry – Biology


Maths – Physics – Computer


Physics – Chemistry – Biology


Physics – Chemistry – Maths

Mbarushimana Elie muri 5 ba mbere mu gihugu

Ministeri y’uburezi yatangaje amanota y’abanyeshuri basoza amashuri yisumbuye. Nyuma yo gutangaza amanota, hahembwe abanyeshuri bagize amanota ya bambere mu kizamini gisoza amashuri yisumbuye, Mbarushimana Elie ushoje amashuri ye muri G.S.O. Butare mwishami rya BCG ni umwe mu banyeshuri batanu bahembwe na ministere y’uburezi akaba yarahembwe Laptop. Muri G.S.O. Butare abanyeshuri bakoze ikizamini gisoza amashuri yisumbuye ni 218, muri bo 43 nibo bujuje kuko bagize amanota 60 ari nayo manota ari hejuru.

Number of students
Number of Teachers


Smartclass can be described as a well structured classroom, equipped with ICT (Information Communication Technology) devices like computers, projectors,Wifi connection etc with an aim of maximizing the quality of education provided and skills acquired. Smartclass has many purposes like  research purpose where students and teachers use it for acquiring more knowledge and skills through research on webs for more ideas and thus the quality of education provided is high which lead to te success of the students. It is also used for meeting purpose: as smartclass is equipped with all ICT devices and then it can be use by students either for instance for finding supporters in their education, applying for scholarships to study when they fiish the school or for meeting with their sponsors who want to help the and thus help in maximizing the quality of education provided.